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The Markets of Gironde

Find all the best addresses of the regional markets by town below. Discover new products, share your thoughts with the local producers, market gardeners, craftsmen, poulterers and let yourself be tempted by the flavours of Gironde. The best and freshest products of Gironde on your plate! Each commune has its own weekly market, generally taking place from 8am to 1pm, these are more frequent during summer. Wandering in the alleys, choosing your products, exploring a little corner of France and awakening your senses. The Farmers Markets, seasonal and at times nocturnal, they create a friendly atmosphere and an authenticity experience. Colourful, the markets gather all the flavours and local products of Gironde.


Around thirty open-air markets take place in various quarters of the city, open all year long except 1st January and 25th December.

Marché Pey-Berland, every Sunday from 9am to 3pm. 

Marché de producteurs Saint-Seurin, Place des Martyrs, every Friday from 7am to 1pm.

Marché Neuf (St-Michel), Place Canteloup et Meynard, every Monday from 7am to 1pm.

Marché Royal (St-Michel), Place Canteloup et Meynard, every Saturday from 7am to 1pm.

Marché des Capucins (open market), Place des Capucins, from Monday to Sunday and from 6am to 1pm, it is the most important and the oldest one in the city, for many it’s like their corner shop 

Marché Pouyanne, Louis et Henri Esplanade, every Sunday from 7am to 2pm. 

Marché Saint-Victor Dupeux (Arlac), every Tuesday from 7am to 1pm.

Marché Gaviniès, Place Gaviniès, every Saturday from 7am to 1pm.

Marché Saint-Augustin, Place de l'Eglise Saint Augustin, every Wednesday from 7am to 1pm. 

Marché Marie Brizard, Parvis des ruines du Palais Gallien in front of n° 131- 139, every Sunday from 7am to 2pm.  

Marché des Pins Francs, Place Eugène Gauthier, 33200 Bordeaux, every Wednesday from 7am to 1pm. 

Marché Calixte Camelle, Place Calixte Camelle, every Thursday from 7am to 1pm. 

Marché du Pont Saint Emilion, under the bridge on the left hand side (in the direction Bordeaux-Cenon), every Friday from 7am to 1pm. 

Evening Market, Allée Serre, every Friday from 3pm to 7.30pm 

Point ambulant René Maran, Place René Maran, and every Sunday from 7am to 1pm. 

Marché de la Lumineuse, Rue Achard, every Friday from 7am to 1pm. 

Marché Saint Martial, Place Saint Martial, every Friday from 7am to 1pm.

Marché du Grand Parc, Place de l'Europe, every Saturday from 7am to 1pm

Marché des Quais, Quai des Chartrons, every Sunday from 7am to 1pm for food market and from 7am to 3pm for catering, arts and crafts and flowers.

There are three covered markets in the city: 

Marché des Capucins, Place des Capucins, with various timings, from Tuesday to Friday from 6am to 1pm, on Saturday from 5.30m to 2.30pm and on Sunday from 5.30m to 2.30pm.

Marché Chartrons, Rue Sicard, open from Tuesday to Saturday from 7am to 1pm, Thursdays and Fridays from 4pm to 7pm. 

Marché des Grands Hommes, Place des Grands Hommes, from Monday to Saturday and from 8am to 7pm. 

Two organic markets took place on the Quais des Chartrons, every Thursday from 7am to 1pm and in Caudéran, Place des Martyrs de la Résistance, every Saturday from 7am to 1pm.  


Pessac, on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 1pm, Place du Marché.

Mérignac, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, Place de l’Eglise from 8am to 1pm.

Le Bouscat, Sundays from 8am to 1pm. 

Saint Medard en Jalles, Place de la République, Saturday and Wednesday morning, Place François Mitterrand in Cenon.

Le marché de Lormont takes place under the Pont d’Aquitaine, Thursday morning from 8am to 1pm. 

Bouliac, daily market, Tuesday morning Place de la Mairie.

Bègles, Wednesday, Cours Victor Hugo, Friday, Place César Franck and Saturday Place du bicentenaire and beginning of the Rue du Maréchal Joffre.

Blanquefort, Saturday from 7.30am to 1.30pm. 

in the MÉDOC

Carcans Maubuisson

Carcans town : Friday morning

Maubuisson : from mid-June to September, Wednesday morning

Carcans plage : in July and August, Monday morning


Hourtin town: in July and August, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, the rest of the year on Thursday morning.

Hourtin harbour : arts and craft market on Friday evening.

Hourtin beach : arts and craft market on Monday night.


Lacanau town: from June to September, on Saturday morning, Place de l'Eglise.

Lacanau town: night market during the summer, every Thursday evening.

Lacanau Ocean: every Wednesday morning. Every day during summer, Place du champ de foire and on the Allées Ortal.

Le Porge, on Thursday morning, Place Saint Seurin

Le Verdon sur Mer, every day during summer, Pointe de Grave

On Tuesday morning (Place du Maréchal Foch)

On Saturday morning (Place Gambetta)

Fair on the first Friday of the month

Montalivet, every morning


On Saturday morning (Place du Marché and Halle 19th century.) 

Soulac sur Mer

Every morning, all year (except the Monday in winter), and end of the day in July and August. 


Between the estuary and the citadel, the market takes place on Wednesday and Saturday morning, in Blaye. 

Saint-André-de-Cubzac offers two markets per week, on Place du Champ de Foire, on Saturday from 7am to 1pm and Thursday morning.

Bourg de Gironde, Sunday morning, as well as Tuesdays and Friday morning, Place de l’Eglise.


Marché d'Andernos-les-Bains, open air market, Friday morning from 8.30am to 12.30pm, Place du 14 Juillet, also covered market, in summer: open every day, in winter, open on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, open on Sunday from February

Marché d'Arcachon, Place du Carreau. 

Open low season: from 01/10 to 31/03, Tuesday to Sunday from 7.30am to 1pm and during the school holidays and bank holidays every day from 7.30 to 1pm. 

Open high season: from 01/04 to 30/06 and from 01/09 to 30/09 from Tuesday to Sunday from 7.30am to 1pm and from 01/07 to 31/08 every day from 7.30am to 1.30pm. 

Arès, every Tuesdays from 8am to 1pm.

Audenge, every Tuesday, all year.

Marché Municipal de Biganos, every Sunday morning from 8am to 1pm

Gujan-Mestras, every Wednesday morning, Place de la Gare. Place de La Claire, open-air market, every Friday evening from 6pm to 10pm. 

In Teste de Buch, is one of the biggest covered markets of Gironde, from Tuesday to Sunday from 8am to 1pm and during summer (from 21st June to 1st September), from Monday to Sunday and from 8am to 1pm and on the esplanade, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, from 8am to 1pm tall year long.

The Marché municipal du Teich takes place Saturday mornings, all year, Place du Souvenir, in the town centre, between the Church and the Town Hall. 

Marché de Claouey, it is a covered and open-air market opened from Monday to Sunday, from 8am to 1pm.

Marché de Lège, Saturday from 8am to 1pm

Marché du Cap Ferret, all year, both covered and open air. From 01/01 to 16/06 on Wednesday, Saturday from 8am to 12.30pm. From 17/06 to 18/09 from Monday to Sunday and from 8am to 1pm. From 19/09 to 31/12 Wednesday, Saturday and from 8am to 12.30pm.  


Cadillac, weekly market.

La Réole, farmer market on Sunday.

Monségur, market on Friday and farmer market on Monday.

Sauveterre-de-Guyenne, Place de la Bastide, on Tuesday.

Créon, Place de la Prévoté, on Wednesday


Libourne, Place Abel Surchamp and Rue Montesquieu, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Castillon-la-Bataille every Monday.

Sainte-Foy-la-grande, Place Gambetta and in the town centre, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Saint-Emilion, Wednesday and Sunday, from 8am to 1pm.


Brède, Wednesday, from 7am to 1pm.

Langon, Friday morning, on the Garonne riverbanks and Place de la Glacière, one of the biggest markets in the south of Gironde. A small friendly market takes place every Sunday under the plane trees of the Jean Jaurès alleys.

Bazas, every Saturday morning.

Villandraut, Thursday morning.