The wine route of Bordeaux in Graves and Sauternes

The wine route of Bor ...

Today, I would like to share with you, a place in Gironde that I particularly appreciate. A place that will make you want to spend hours furrowing the hills covered with vineyards , admire castles from another era and treat yourself to delicious local specialties . Welcome to the wine route of Bordeaux, in Graves and Sauternes ; a journey that puts all the senses in turmoil!

Sauterne Wine Route

The wine route of Bordeaux in Graves and Sauternes

Where is the Bordeaux wine route in Graves and Sauternes?

There is not really a road but roads that will make you discover the beautiful landscapes of the region. They pass through 52 communes and 494 wine growers . Yes yes, you read correctly! It's up to you to choose your route. I love exploring a region without really having a specific point to follow but I invite you to stroll and let yourself be guided by your wishes. If you prefer to prepare your itinerary , go to the website dedicated to the wine route . You will be able to elaborate a route according to your mode of privileged stay, your budget ...

Saucepan Wine Route

Next step: Sauternes!

I recommend you start your itinerary by the beautiful city of Bordeaux and head towards La Brède, then Podensac and Sauternes. In my opinion, it is along the Garonne that you will find the most beautiful small wine villages.

Why go exploring this wine route?

There are a thousand and one reasons to go for a walk on the wine route! First, the landscapes are breathtaking. No matter what season you go there, you will be amazed by the vine paths that crisscross the hills. Added to this is the architecture of the beautiful castles full of history that can be visited to fill up with culture, but not only!

Wine Route Jumping

A tour of the vineyards before tasting

This will be a good opportunity to learn and to unravel the mysteries of wine making . You can take the opportunity to do some tastings and stock up on bottles bought directly from the producer . Ideal to offer a gift or to share at home. Only the co-drivers will be able to test all the varieties because they are numerous! It is in this region that prestigious wines are produced: Sauternes, Graves, Pessac- Leognan , Barsac, Créons.

Mushrooms are often found near the vineyards.

When is the best time to explore the Bordeaux wine route?

I love this region so much that for me, every season deserves a visit . In autumn , it is the season of harvest , we appreciate the beautiful colors of this season. In addition, it is often at this time that we can participate in the open doors of the castles . In winter, one can enjoy the magnificent light that stretches the shadows of the vines and the declining affluence in the tourist places. In spring, sunny days are back and nature is waking up . Finally, in summer , it enjoys beautiful sunny days and vines are leafy and provided with bunches of grapes . In short, each season is the right season!

Saucepan Wine Route

The colors of autumn are beautiful you can not find?

The top 5 activities to do on the Wine Route of Bordeaux?

I have concocted my ranking of the 5 best activities to do around:

1- To walk in car . The roads are beautiful, hilly, sometimes narrow but never dangerous. We pass sometimes between the paths of vines , sometimes in the forests and we come across beautiful corners that make you want to drag on .

Saucepan Wine Route

The wine route of Bordeaux

2 - Wine tasting. The region offers delicious appellation wines whose reputation is second to none. You can enjoy wines of all colors in many castles. Attention, this activity is not necessarily compatible with the first proposed activity. I advise you to take a trip to Chateau de Rayne Vigneau and try out its tastings that have been awarded several times internationally! This area even offers assembly workshops !

Sauerkraut Wine Route

Small stop at the castle of the tower Blanche to unravel the mysteries of the wine making

3- Visit one of the many castles established in the region! Sometimes discreet, sometimes massive and perched on a hill ... there are hundreds and they all have a story to tell . I advise you again to make a detour to the castle Rayne Vigneau where you can admire the view to more than 180 ° on the region before entering the castle. The castle Roquetaillade is also worth a visit! It is a fortified castle, beautifully furnished and still inhabited, which can be visited on Sundays from 3 pm to 4 pm in winter and at wider time slots for the rest of the year.

4- Discover the geological nature reserve of Saucats and La Brède which extends over 75 hectares and learn more about the geology and history of the region . Take a leap in time (over 20 million years anyway) and imagine the sea covering part of Aquitaine. This reserve testifies to this period and reveals beautiful open-air collections of thousands of fossils (tropical shells, shark tooth ...) . Take a look at the schedules to schedule your visit.

Sauerkraut Wine Route

The region is full of treasures to explore

5- Discover the region while playing sports!

For a nature walk, sporty and peaceful photo: Canoe Kayak of Baumes

If you are more comfortable in the air, go to tree climbing "Over Ciron" to test the 8 courses in the trees . Guaranteed sensations :)

There is an embarrassment of choice is not it? I leave you now to prepare your stay on the wine route.

On the way !

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