Grab your plate: eating in the halles de bacalan

The Halles de Bacalan in Bordeaux are located in the quarter of the same name and opened at the beginning of November 2017. It is a big covered market of 950m2, with 23 stalls (of all sizes), which are open all year round and every day except on Mondays. You can buy food to eat on site / or to take away, or buy fresh vegetables, meat, fish and other produce, like in a traditional market.




"Should we go for a steak? "

"No, I am vegetarian."

" And what about a sea food platter with a little glass of dry white wine?"

" Oh no, I would love a charcuterie plate with a good red wine"

" I am sorry, but the kids would like a chicken and a coke"

Les enseignes ne manquent pas, aux Halles de Bacalan

There are many shop signs!


Is it difficult to agree on what to eat during the holidays with your family or friends? Be firm, eat what you want, and say no to the consensus! Go to eat in the Halles de Bacalan in Bordeaux and everybody will be happy!


Here, you enter the kingdom of the epicureans. All your gastronomy desires, or at least most, can be realised. You stroll along the stalls, between high bar tables and you are spoilt for choice. You can find various high quality produce, fresh and well presented. To eat on site, just order from a small kiosk, the dishes that you like, then take your plate and find a table to savour and enjoy.

On peut faire son marché, aux Halles de Bacalan

We can eat, go shopping, or both!


Go with your friends, it is really cool. A small group, can easily find a table or the corner of a counter, to share some good moments around many plates to please the taste of all. During the week, the atmosphere is convivial from 12pm to 2pm the employees of the companies and shops around meet there for their lunch break. If you are visiting Bordeaux, I recommend you to come to early or after 1.30pm to find a place easily and wait less at the kiosk.

venez faire un tour au comptoir !

Come and see the counter!

For a family outing, it is nice with children from 3/4 years old, because unless you are having lunch in the Familia, the brasserie of the Halles, with its armchairs, chairs and bistrot table (kind of café-style table) it will be difficult to seat the kids, in the covered part of the market. From 4 years old, they can be comfortable on the high bar tables. It is during the weekend that the families meet in the Halles. There is a pleasant atmosphere, between those who come to stalls of the vegetable producers to do their shopping, the oyster sellers, Basque charcuterie, and those who like the pizza with a crusty-soft base, golden chicken, juicy burgers, delicious vegetarians tapas plates...

En famille, on déguste et on s'amuse

Family day out, even if we are not always seated like in a restaurant, we savour and we have fun!


You got it, the advantage of the Halles de Bacalan, it is that each one makes his choice and can eat what he wants. You can even take small portions at different stalls. For example: oysters for starter, a  egetarian dish with chips and a dessert of the excellent cake/bakery shop. From stall to stall, you compose your menu, as you please! It caters for all budget, on average the food is a little bit more expensive than elsewhere (few centimes for the baguettes, few more euros compared to the Bassin d'Arcachon for an oyster plate!). But you can eat very well with a healthy dish for around ten euros. With my family, we have chosen a dish with side dish, a drink and a dessert for less than 13 euros each.

On trouve de tout !

Fresh produce, cooked, raw, there is everything!

Halles de Bacalan, lumineuses et modernes

The Halles are bright and a trendy design


An ancient but also trendy tradition


The Halles de Bacalan use the principle of the markets of yesteryear, where our ancestors spent all their day to choose their products and were having a bite on the go or on large tables, altogether.


This type of Halles exists a bit everywhere in the world, they are often open sky night markets (very common in south east Asia) or under arcades. Its simplified form is the "Food Court", where several shop signs gather for catering (and less for the market).


Ambiance tombée de la nuit

The atmosphere is also pleasant at the beginning of the evening

In Portugal, in Lisbonne, there is the Time Out Market which is the first of this kind in Europe.

Le Time Out market à Lisbonne

Biltoki is the managing company of the Halles de Bacalan, they have built a place of "life and meetings", but this is not their first Halles! They have done other Halles in the past, as co-working areas, various experiences sharing...They organise many events at the Halles de Bacalan during the whole year, check the website to follow the agenda. You can also find some cool videos: the Tutori'halles!


Further Information

To get to the Halles de Bacalan, it is easy! By tram, take the line B, stop at "La Cité du Vin". There is a car park just nearby, with many places, but rather expensive ... Check our article regarding how to get around and parking in Bordeaux. There is a “Vcub” station (self-service cycle network) nearby and a special bike park.


Opening times:

· Monday: closed

· Tuesday/ Wednesday: 8am-2.30pm and 5.30pm-8.30pm

· Thursday/ Friday: 8am-2.30pm and 5.50pm-10pm

· Saturday: 8am-10pm

· Sunday: 8am-3pm


Brasserie Le Familia

Brasserie “Le Familia” for those who want a more traditional and especially seated

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