Getting married in Gironde and Bordeaux

Getting married in Gi ...

Whether you like the countryside or the sea, the Gironde offers many possibilities to host your wedding. The Girondin coastline is very pretty with beautiful beaches and incredible views of the ocean. Charming villages dot the mouth of the Gironde, bordered by wine-growing hillsides. The gastronomy of Bordeaux and its famous wines will not fail to sublimate your festive meal. It really is a perfect region to celebrate a wedding!

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Where to get married in Gironde?

If you want a wedding in the countryside, go to Entre-deux-Mers or Libournais. Many villages or small towns are very pleasant, with a small authentic and well-preserved heritage.

If you prefer the seaside, you will be charmed by the Bassin d'Arcachon and the peninsula of Cap-Ferret or the seaside resorts of the Médoc. They are very friendly and festive.

Finally, if you are more of a city dweller, it is the city of Bordeaux that will be the most suitable for this event. You will thus have as a setting the magnificent Bordeaux monuments or the banks of the Garonne. And as in all big cities, you will find a wide choice of service providers.

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Gironde wedding planners

If organization isn't your greatest skill or you're short on time, it may be wise to hire a professional. Wedding-planners are specialists in the wedding sector. They are there to assist you in the process and find you good addresses. You will gain in serenity, until the big day.

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Reception rooms around Bordeaux

Whatever your tastes and your budget, there are all kinds of reception halls around Bordeaux: castles, hotels, wine estates, restaurants, communal halls... Some make it easier for you to manage your wedding and work directly with service providers. trust. In any case, it is better to do it in advance, especially if you want an original place or you have very specific expectations:

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Caterers to taste Bordeaux gastronomy

Whether you choose a restaurant or a room without catering, the choice of the wedding menu is always tricky. It is advisable to choose dishes that meet your tastes, while respecting your religious or ethical considerations, and meeting your level of requirement. Consult our directory:

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Where to take beautiful wedding photos in Bordeaux and Gironde?

Have you found the perfect place? Make sure you have an environment conducive to a few souvenir photos! If you are in the countryside, a vineyard hillside or a forest area can do the trick very well.

If you are in town, consider green spaces. Bordeaux is a green city, which has many. They offer a romantic setting to immortalize the most beautiful day of your life!

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Organize a successful bachelor or bachelorette party

Fancy a moment of relaxation with friends before the wedding or to celebrate your bachelor or bachelorette party? Here are some cool ideas to have fun and please your loved ones:

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A wedding night in an unusual setting…

Of course, who says wedding, says dream wedding night… And why not choose unusual accommodation? These are often exotic places. Some are in the middle of nature and very relaxing. Also remember to offer these good addresses to your guests, to enhance their stay in Gironde.

We hope to have made you want to celebrate your wedding around Bordeaux and in Gironde and we wish you a lot of happiness for this big day.

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