Unusual rentals in Gironde: our selection for original vacations!

Unusual rentals in Gi ...
Do you want a change of scenery in Gironde? How about staying in unusual accommodation? There is nothing better to give a hint of originality to your stay.

Are you looking for a vacation rental that will give you a new experience? Whether you prefer top-of-the-range services or rather a natural site with a rustic atmosphere, the Gironde is a department that conceals many treasures. The Bordeaux Gironde Guide has put together a selection of atypical accommodation for you in the Metropolis of Bordeaux, by the ocean in the Arcachon Bay, or in the Bordeaux vineyards for wine tourism...  

Opening photo : © A guest room perched in the trees, with private spa, the Cabane des Chênes du Médoc

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1) l'haute en couelur

L'Haute en Couleur is a nod to the refined decoration, in black and white, where a few touches of color brighten up these cabins on stilts. You will enjoy an exceptional environment in the heart of the Arcachon basin, at the entrance to the Landes de Gascogne Regional Natural Park. Everything is planned to preserve your privacy. The atmosphere is romantic and you can relax for two in the private spa. It is the ideal place for a romantic weekend!

To visit nearby : We recommend a hike in the Domaine de Certes and Graveyron. You can extend it by the Ornithological Reserve of Teich. In the Arcachon Bay, a stroll in the charming little port of Audengeis a must.

Hut of L'Haute en Couleur  Hut of L'Haute en Couleur

Hut of L'Haute en Couleur  Hut of L'Haute en Couleur

Photos : © La Cabane de L'Haute en Couleur

2) The lodges of the Pessac Zoo

On the outskirts of Bordeaux, the Pessac Zoo welcomes you in its lodges surrounded by wild animals. To offer you a total immersion, the rental borders the enclosure of the wild animals. Safely behind bay windows, you will observe the animals in their daily life. You will attend the care, meals and discussions with the caregivers. It is an exceptional trip in safari mode, without leaving Bordeaux.

What to visit : Everything is done to make the most of this unique experience: dinner in front of the animals, loggia with Nordic bath, free access to the Pessac Zoo. If you feel like getting out of this exotic bubble, there are many other fun activities in Bordeaux. And why not take a typical Bordeaux shopping spree?

The lodge of the Pessac Zoo  The lodge of the Pessac Zoo The lodge of the Pessac Zoo

Photos : © The lodge of the Pessac Zoo

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3) The Cabane des Chênes Médoc

At the exit of Arsac, the Cabane des Chênes du Médoc is a comfortable guest room, with private spa and sauna on a beautiful wooden terrace hidden in the branches. Perched 11 meters high, you can admire its view of the Medoc hillsides. An observation tower allows you to climb above the forest canopy to gaze at the stars, with a telescope. It is a communion with nature that is offered to you!

To visit nearby : To appreciate the region in all its facets, stroll through the most beautiful villages of the Gironde estuary. Depending on the period of your stay, you can attend an astonishing and unique natural event : Le Mascaret. If you are a foodie, here is our Top 10 wine tours in Bordeaux and why not end it with a Food tour in Bordeaux.

The Cabane des Chênes du Médoc  The Cabane des Chênes du Médoc The Cabane des Chênes du Médoc

Photos : © La Cabane des Chênes du Médoc

4) The Bassin du Tertre

In Fronsac, the Bassin du Tertre rents Kotas. These are octagonal, Nordic style chalets. The atmosphere of these Kotas is very Zen. They are surrounded by a flower garden that respects the environment. On site, you can relax in the private jacuzzi, book a sauna session or benefit from a massage and treatment.

To visit nearby : It is a good starting point to discover Libourne and its surroundings. We reveal all our good ideas for a weekend in the Libournais!

The Kotas of the Bassin du Tertre  The Kotas of the Bassin du Tertre

Photos : © Les Kotas du Bassin du Tertre

5) Domaine Ecotelia

Between Sauternes and Bazas, in Nizan, the Domaine Ecotelia is an alternative holiday village. What could be more unusual than a trip around the world through traditional habitats : caidal tent, tree house, yurt, temple or hilltop castle… Each of the rentals takes you to a country and a special atmosphere. It's up to you to choose according to your comfort needs and your desires. The services and amenities are adapted to protect the Landes de Gascogne Natural Park. You will spend exotic holidays there, exotic and moreover ecological!

To visit nearby : Bazas is a city steeped in history, with a magnificent heritage. She also reveals her secrets to you on the tracks of Robin. To stay in the ecological spirit, you can also take an eco walk in Bazas (fr). Finally, we invite you to better understand the production of Sauternes wine and the Sauternes wine-growing region, before organizing your visits to the vineyards.

Domaine Ecotelia  Domaine Ecotelia

Domaine Ecotelia  Domaine Ecotelia

Photos : © Domaine Ecotelia

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To find other unusual accommodation in Gironde, see our section on unusual rentals in the Gironde.  

We hope we have helped you find the accommodation that will make your next stay near Bordeaux unforgettable. We just have to wish you a wonderful holiday in Gironde.

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